HAVE: Cherry tomatoe verities

t_tyler(6b)February 20, 2010

Hi everyone,

I have a 3 verities of tomatoe seeds (see below) I would like to trade for Japanese cucumber, and eggplant seeds. These are tomatoes that I, or my sister have been growing for a few years. If they have actual names I donÂt know what they are, but I have included descriptions. I collected all the seeds my self, last fall and am having great germination rates with them now.

Yellow cherry tomatoes:

Less sweet then most cherry tomatoes, with earthy notes. Great for cooking with as well as eating raw. They are extremely prolific if you let them go. Last year I didnÂt trim the vines at all and the plant spilled out of the cage to take up more than 16 sq. feet. I was harvesting over a quart a day for a few months.

Super sweet cherry:

Concentrated sweet taste. The plant stays comparatively compact with small fruit. We have grown them in hanging pots and they do well.

Dark red Cherry tomatoes with green stripes:

Delicious earthy taste, look great in salads. The fruits are on the larger end of scale for Cherry tomatoes


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