WANTED: Matts Wild Cherry Tomato

aveo5March 7, 2010

Well it cant hurt to ask,as they say. I am looking for a few of theses seeds. I lost the only seeds I had of these That I stupidly bought at a very inflated price on eBay last year. But I couldnt find them anywhere, then I found this forum! I didnt get any 'volunteer' seedlings under my one plant I had in my yard. I guess I had no fruit hit the ground. i know I ate a lot of them,guess the birds got the rest. So I have none. I am in Ft.Lauderdale,and want to get this back in my garden this spring,so i have some fruit this summer. Can anyone part with a few seeds? Please?

I have like 30 packs of tomato seeds, that someone gave me lat year, but they are big heirloom ones. Ones that wont grow in South Fla. I can make a list if I must. But they are all very odd named ones, and all I know is they are big ones,fuzzy ones,pink,yellow,orange,all strange named ones. If anyone has Matts Wild Cherry, and would swap for some of these, that would be great. I will make a list on my trade list ASAP. Anyone have a few that can be traded?

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Hello I have tons of Matts wild Cherry. Love them. I have alot of tomato seeds now. But If you awnt to name a few I always like them in my collection. ;] ttyl Susan

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Skyblue52. Would you be willing to send me a few seeds of Matts Wild Tomato,for a SASE? Please email me and let me know. Thanks.

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I can probably spare a few from a commercial seed pack I have. My MWC has set fruit, but hasn't ripened yet.

I would be interested in what you have if wanted to trade. Otherwise, I could fill a SASE for you.

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