Early Cicadas? Holes in Ground

fernzilla(8)April 10, 2008

I have been noticing an abundance of various sized holes in my lawn. They are ranging from little finger to thumb sized holes. They seem to go down into the ground about 4 inches or so.

I am thinking that they may be Cicadas emerging, but i thought they started doing that in the Summer. I usually associate the Cicada songs with the heat of Summer.

So does any one out there have any other ideas about the


With such a mild Winter and warm Spring could it be these noisy critters are early this year?

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Could also be cicada killer wasps coming out of hibernation. Those SOBs are HUGE...

source - www.plantanswers.com

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abercrombie4me03(z7 TN)

What county in Tennessee do you live in? we are due for Brood XIV 17 year periodical cicada's... should be seeing them within the next month.

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