WANTED: Tomatoes & Others

anney(Georgia 8)March 15, 2010

My wish-list:

Marigold Tashkent #1

Purple headed gomphrena, borage, and other bee/butterfly-attracting flowers

Mexican or winter tarragon -- Tagetes lucida -- NOT Russian

Tomato Bear Claw

Tomato Brandywine OTV

Tomato Glick's Brandywine

Tomato Henderson's Winsall

Tomato Large Pink Bulgarian

Tomato Omar's Lebanese

Tomato Red Rose

Tomato Richardson

Tomato Russian 117, large heart

Tomato Sandul Moldovan

Tomato Sun Leaper VFF Hybrid

Tomato Tappy's Finest

Tomato Tidwell German #5895

Tomato Zogola

What I have to trade:

Guardian Marigolds, said to be the best of all marigolds for nematodes

Tomato Brandywine Sudduth, OP, PL, large pink tomato, 80 days, Ferry Morse packed for 2008

Tomato Cuostralee, OP, huge delicious heirloom

Tomato New Girl F1 Hybrid, RL Red, 62 days, Johnny's packed for 2009, said to be better and a bit earlier than Early Girl

Tomato Potato Top, OP, PL & RL not stable, large delicious pink tomato, 80 days, saved 2007

Tomato Red Robin, OP, very small, charming, sturdy determinate plant with cherry tomatoes

Tomato Rutgers VFA OP, determinate, workhorse for canning

Tomato Sungold F2 OP, RL Orange, 65 days, packed for 2007

Broccoli De Cicco Hybrid

Cucumber Diva Hybrid, Burpless

Eggplant Rosita OP

Eggplant Rosa Bianca OP

Yellow Watermelon Seeds OP

Orange-Glo Watermelon Seeds OP

Pole bean Kentucky Wonder Wax OP, about one ounce to plant 8-10 ft of row. Too bland for us, won't plant them again.

Buffalo Gourd OP

Caserta Hybrid Zucchini Squash

Spacemeister Hybrid Bush Zucchini Squash

Sunburst Hybrid Pattypan Squash

Yellow Crookneck Squash OP

Red Cored Chantenay Carrots OP

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Sending you an email.

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anney(Georgia 8)

Got it!

BTW, the Cuostralee tomato was packed for 2009 by Johnny's, so it's a commercial seed.

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