WANTED: white or 'blue' tomatoes.

redchigh_guppyMarch 31, 2010

I realised that if I can find some white and blue seeds, I can have tomatoes in every color of the rainbow.

(have green, ruby, pink, dark maroon, "black", and yellow right now.)

Here are some particular strains I know of, but the color is more important. (Prefer the "white" ones to actually be white, since sometimes the yellow ones are called white)

Big white pink stripe

Georgia Streak (just want it anyway. :))

Vintage Wine (same as georgia streak- not blue or white, but cool.)

Southern Night

Great White

Halfmoon china

Green Sausage

Potato Leaf White


White Queen

Paul Robeson

Cherokee Purple

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There really aren't any white tomatoes, they're all pale or creamy yellow.


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Have grown Great White and I agree with Trudi, it is really just a super pale yellow.

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Are there really blue tomatoes? And would any of you like to trade tomato seeds bc i'm trying to grow my collection and I'm looking for anything I can get my hands on :)

And my list is on my members page or I can email you a list of what I have if you are interested.



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