WANTED: Heirloom Tomatoes for my unusual perennials

thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)March 7, 2011

I still have a few neat things on my trade-list to offer for heirloom tomatoes.

Private emails welcomed.




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I have an abundance of organically grown tomato/pepper plants -- about 95% of which are strong and happy right now.

Not sure how to ship plants or if it really makes cost sense -- never tried it (but it seems expensive in packing and shipping costs vs. seeds which I am more familiar with). But I am out of garden space so would be interested in hearing how to trade for shade loving perennials (I am only familiar with Hostas and have just a couple simple ones in my landscape -- need to learn about what you have available).

Where I have listed at least 4 items, I can probably share one. More than 4, I can probably share two. I'm open to your ideas on how to make a cost compatible trade considering the pack/ship costs.


6 Brandy Boy
4 Yellow Pear Cherry
5 Rutgers
3 Oxheart Pink
5 Mortgage Lifter
4 Sweet Cherry
2 Marglobe
6 Big Boy
5 Bush Beef Steak
6 Brandy Wine
4 Svetland Red
4 Beef Steak
5 Gold Jubilee Tomato
4 Red Delicious
3 Marglobe
3 Polish Red
4 Marion
3 Marmande
1 Valencia
3 Comonant Volkov
2 Italian Market
3 Pantano Romanisco
3 Black Russian
3 Malinowy Olbrzym
1 Baby Beefsteak (ok)
1 Purple Casbah
2 Black Krim
4 Roma Paste
2 Coyote (small)
5 Plum Lemon
4 Murhurlu
5 Pineapple
4 White Currant (small)
4 Italian Heirloom

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