YAY!! they are here

medontdo(8)June 17, 2009

the blackberries, and all the other lettuces, bok choi and such, it has been nice, but i'm especially glad because as i was out there looking at my vines, i noticed that this year, i am actually going to get grapes this year! and on my thornless raspberries there will be some!! the famous gooseberry bush that got me to have posion ivy all over my face a few years ago, is now producing!! WOO HOO!! and i even have a blackberry bush from the west coast that is producing this year!! i have been waiting on these 4 for 3 years now, and now i'm just waiting on the cherry bush that they seem to say that will produce the very next year. hmmm....this is the third year!! now i'm waiting on the tomato's, i messed up with them! :'( not enough water. or something

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Good for you, Medo! I ate the first two raspberries from my new Canby thornless plants today. Mmmmm, good! so sweet, they need no sugar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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i know! i think this year is gonna be a good year for all of the berries! our's were really juicy and sweet! we took some over to suni! she just loved them! now i'm ready for some more of tabors salad! Hee Hee :')
i am so happy your berries were good! if you ever get any that have roots that are extra from your thornless raspberry, can i trade ya something?

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Woohoo for you, Medo!

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