My diseased tomato plants 3.

Jerry317(z6b NJ)January 20, 2010

Made the picture a little smaller, hope to hear from someone.



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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Already discussed in your several other duplicate posts. ;)

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Jerry317(z6b NJ)


Thank you for your reply and help. I do get a lot of sun but not that many hours per day. Full sun from ~11:30 AM to ~3:30 PM.

Not a heavy pruner, only a few bottom branches to keep off the ground.

Yes, I have found it helps to pick them real early and I mean real early. Some I have picked that I thought were early enough developed the same yellow and eventual rot on my kitchen counter.

Sorry for all the posts, in the original the picture was rejected as it was too large so I described the condition.

#2 the picture was accepted but I thought it was too large for some to download so I made it smaller with the help of a tutorial provided to me from this forum.

#3 was the smaller picture of #2.

The second #3 which was the only duplicate was my mistake. Getting old gracefully and avoiding mistakes is not easy.

Thanks again. Your help is much appreciated and happy that it is not some disease.


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