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duane1974(03220)April 29, 2013

hello everyone. im new here and i'm just starting a new plant venture. i am haveing a very hard time germinating the seeds of my plants and flowers that i have, and i was wondering if anyone could help me with some cuttings or seedlings. i have been doing all kinds of research for propagating and things like that but i cant get the seeds to germinate , so i cant even begin. can someone please help. thank you, duane @ dcleeproduce@yahoo.com

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I recommend getting this book and reading it then re-read it and then keep it on hand as a Bible of sorts > http://www.amazon.com/Gardening-When-Counts-Growing-Mother/dp/086571553

But a few pointers: Ground temps need to be above 64 degrees F for most seeds to germinate properly. Moist and cold can kill a seedling trying to emerge, known as "dampening off". Also, if you bought the seed at Walmart, local lawn/garden etc. or even local co-op chances are they are old or not good enough quality to germinate a successful percentage.

If you order good quality seed from reputable companies like Burpee, Park Seed etc.(depending on your region in the country(I'm in the southeast) and follow a few guidelines for direct seeding, you should have successful germination on a good quality seed with right conditions in 4-7 days. For smaller seeds sow 4-6 seeds per planting hole, for larger seeds like corn, beans etc 2-3 seeds, then thin according to guidelines. this will ensure some percentage of success to emerge.

Also, having properly prepared fine seedbed, planting at the right depth, and covering with loose fine humus/compost is a major factor as well.

Hope this helps.

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