WANTED: Wanted tomato, pepper & eggplant seedlings

bemonkey Zone 7 South New Jersey(Zone 7)April 27, 2011


I have lost majority of my seedlings due to some bugs. It is ironic, because I have planted so many seeds to have enough and to share with people. I was telling people that I will give them all my extras and here I am, not having enough for myself. :((

I would like to do quick trade so I can transplant them into my garden ASAP. Also, prefer to do the trade with one or two people to save on shipping cost.

Would love to get 10-15 beefsteak type heirloom tomato's seedlings (indetermined), 5 cherry(black, yellow, red), 1 grape, 3 plum type (all indetermined).

Peppers I prefer bell, meaty and sweet. Need around 10. Few hot peppers, too.

I also need 6 heirloom eggplants.

Look on my trade list and see if there is any seeds you would like to have for your seedlings.

I can also trade different mint cuttings, lemon balm, catnip, rosemary,

I grow my seedlings organically and prefer to get the same, but it is not the must. Please, do not send sick seedlings.


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