HAVE: kumato seeds!

asaylor(z7)April 30, 2006

Hi, I have obtained from friends overseas 5 sets of Kumato seeds, each from a different fruit. Kumato seeds are not available commercially, and the company that produces Kumato, Syngenta, has said they will never make the seeds available to the public.

As you can imagine, this announcement generated a large amount of interest in the Kumato and its possible lineage. While most likely a hybrid, some have speculated that it is an OP variety. In case you have not heard of Kumato, it is a "black" tomato introduced last year available only in Europe and Australia that is supposed to have a good shelf life. From its incredible sales last year in Sainsbury's grocery stores (the only stores to sell the Kumato), it was a very popular introduction.

If you would like to try this rare and much sought after variety (seeds were sold on eBay for astronomical amounts) I am more than happy to offer them to you for a trade. While I don't have a specific "want" list, I especially like anything rare or unusual, or your favorite or a family heirloom. Just send me your trade list; I'm sure I will find something I want! I am always on the lookout for more varieties to add to my obsession...I mean, collection...of tomato seeds! My only requirement in addition to the trade is that you must give me a report on the plants you obtain--the leaf type, habit, fruit color, size, taste, etc.--so we can figure out for ourselves just what Kumato is!

You can either reply to this post or send me an email from my member page.

Happy gardening!


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AJ what a find!! I know you are excited. I have planted all my good heirloom seeds I have traded for. This is my second year growing heirloom tomatoes. My husband grew up on a farm so I have alot of help/knowledge. If you are willing to share a few seeds I can send postage and a promise to give you an update every week or so. Keep us posted on how well they do please. Dale

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madplanter57(z7 Wake Forest ,NC)

Hi, AJ
I e-mailed you about the Kumato, but wasn't sure you got the message. Please see my list and let me know if we can trade.
Thanks bunches!

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Hi I am interested in some seeds. Have a list I could send but do not think I can do it through gardenweb email
Have St remy Perfit that I bought in Portugal

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msdixiegirl(z7 Ms.)

Am I too late for this offer, If not please take a look at my trade list and see if I have anything you might want. I would love to grow these and keep a report for you, Thanks and I hope to hear from you, Dixie

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Please look at my trade list too! I have some interesting Italian varieties of Basil and Tomato seeds as well as some Tabasco Pepper (very hot!).

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

How did those turn out? I'd still like to try kumato just to see what it's like.

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Wow -- this sounds interesting! I also would like to know everyone's opinions on this tomato... how did the seed trial go? :-)

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sumilea2008(Marlborough MA Zone 5)

Any updates anyone? I would like to see pictures of those who grew Kumatos. Not much information available on the web.


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Hi Asaylor:

I am late on this, however, I would like to know where I can get some Kumato.. I am from India and am growing hydroponic Tomatoes. Also any suggestion on best tasting varities is appreciated. I am also looking for Paul Robeson.

In India we get only hybrid ones. I am interested in mostly Heirloom varities and exclusive hybrids (generally the best tasting and attractive variety).

Thank you


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I grew Kumato this year. It was great!! I have pics but don't know how to post them on here. There are pics on my blog. Tomatoaddict.blogspot.com.
I have seeds if anyone is interested.

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I spend winters in Murcia Spain and buy Kumatos in the weekly street market. Can I just save the seeds and plant them? Isn´t this a hybrid?

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If anyone is checking this out; my husband grew up on a farm and his father use to take seeds from whatever vegetable-dry them out and then plant them later that year.(Corn was hung to dry out and the kernels were planted later)Kumatos are sold in the Food Lion supermarkets in the USA. At the time of this writing, my husband sent me a pic text earlier today to see if I knew anything about them! I'm a tomatoaholic!!!! I will obtain these treasures and try to plant them and see how well they will do!!!

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how can I get kumato tomatoes seeds?
Thank you Roberto

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I would also like to know how I can get some Kumato seeds or where I can find them in the U.S.

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Where I live, Kumato Tomatoes are sold at Schnucks Supermarkets. Hope this helps :)

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as a hybrid plant the seeds from the fruit will probably not produce anything like the desired product, which is how the company keeps a market going. I note no follow-ups by people who grew the seeds, which seems to confirm the lack of success. Anyone have good results?

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I have Kumato seeds, if anybody want them just pm me with your address so i can send you for free

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One more picture of Kumato

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I would like to have some kumato seeds.

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Just an FYI, they seem to grow true and I do not think that they are a hybrid at all. You can buy a pack of kumatos and save the seeds.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

There is another thread discussion going on about Kumato. So I wanted to resurrect this thread.

I have also read the same thing, that seeds from F1 fruits grow true. So to test that my self, I took seeds from store bought Kumato (from Trader Joes) and started one. It is growing in my garden right now and it has flowers. So in a month or so I should be able to find out how it works.

The plant has dark green foliage (Compared to other varieties growing next to it) and has a leggy growing habit with very few branch outs.

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