What do you use to cover plants to deter birds?

hallandalegal(Hallandale FL)February 28, 2009

Hi, we have a lot of cherry tomato plants started and some are getting blooms. When the tomatoes start to form, should we tie tulle over the plants? Most are in containers. We have a large number of aggressive type birds, grackels, and others. We have the fake owls, snakes, lines of hanging shiny clattering things and the CDs. And Tom, our homemade scarecrow guy.

I don't want to use chicken wire because birds can get caught in it and I love birds, just don't want them getting our tomatoes.

For the worms, I use fine UN-enriched cornmeal. I found it at a Latin market, it's from Haiti. The tomato worms eat the cornmeal, swell up and die. So we never see any worms, just plenty of birds. We made a scarecrow also and he seems to help. It is necessary to move all the fake owls, fake snakes and the scarecrow once a day to keep fooling the birds. We ordered the six foot long inflatable snakes from the Ace hardware internet site, because they do not sell them in their stores, only via the net. Those are due today in the mail. But when the tomatoes start to appear, what do you advise we use as a cover? Is tulle working or what do you recommend, please? THANK YOU very much for your advice.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

The best deterrant I have ever used is a radio. We have 6 Asian pear trees and when it's close to harvest time the birds start coming. Nothing more obnoxious than a cheap radio with the volume turned up and tuned to a RAP Station. If you tune it slightly off station you can get some static which actually improves the sound. Since we started using the radio for the trees and garden we share very little fruit with the critters. By the way the radio doesn't need to be to loud unless your angry at a neighbor.

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