Cu ft in 40 lb of mushroom compost?

sarahroseJune 6, 2007

Does anyone know how many cubic feet are in a 40 lb sack of mushroom compost from Lowes? The people at Lowes guessed 1 cu ft.

I am in the process of building my first 4x8 bed with 2 layers of concrete blocks and a 2" paver on the top. Have the blocks placed and some dirt in the bottom. Have purchased peat moss, coarse vermiculite, and mushroom compost. The peat moss and vermiculite give the cu ft, the mushroom compost does not.

Am planning to put strawberries in the bed for next year.


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I wrote a post on my site about this. I measured it out and found a 40 lb bag of compost equals 0.75 cubic feet. Take a look at this post. I did all the math and found a great way to measure it out.

Are you using more than just mushroom compost? You really need to mix three of four types together to get all the micro-nutrients you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: The best SFG measuring Cup

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Thank you appmy.

I got a 2 cuft sack of cotton boll compost to go with the 6 40 lb sacks of mushroom compost I already had. Did not know that a person should get different kinds of compost.

Will probably get it put together next weekend.

Thanks again.

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I used a compost from Maine that contained muscle shells, salmon and blueberries... I didn't realize you needed to mix up your compost and have already planted my plants.. I hope it works out ok.

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