HAVE: vegi seeds imported from Japan

arizsunMay 30, 2009

I have those seeds in small quantities for exchange.

All of them are directly imported from Japan.

Tomato: Momotaro Fight (most improved Momotaro type tomato easy to grow and high disease reistancy)

eggplant: Ryoma (Pick when really small for best taste)

Cucu: Shakitto (cross between so called "4 leaves type"and "white wart type". Refreshing and meaty. Skin not bitter)

melon: Panna (green meat net type)

Watermelon:benishizuku (2.5kg size), shuzan (7-8kg size)

winter melon: akamoi (Okinawan heirloom. cucu like Benincasa hispida)

And I have leafy green seeds: ensai(Ipomoea aquatica) artemisia (yomogi), komatsuna (4 kinds) etc


want rare vegi seeds, especially tomato (Goose Creek, Marianna's)

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Arizun, sent you an email. Let me know if you wanted seeds.



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hi Suzie
I never got your mail.
if you could please send it directly to

thank you

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Okay, I emailed you at the address you posted. If you do not get it, please email directly at the address that is next to my user name. Thanks.

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I am interested if you still have some seed available. I have sent you an email.


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