WANTED: Wanted for trade: my list

sirdannyJuly 29, 2009


Well, it getting to be that time of year when some people begin saving their seeds. It also time that some people start their trade lists. I donÂt think that have that many unusual varieties to offer, but I am hoping for a few trades or anyways. If you donÂt have any seeds, but would still like something off my list, just let me know.


Paul Roberson



Stump of the world

Indian Stripe

Noire de Crimme

Black from Tula

Aunt Gertie's Gold

Almost anything else (lol)


Black Krim

Cherokee Purple

Old German

Orange Oxheart


Tasmanian Yellow

Great White

Yellow Pear

Red pear

Golden Jubilee

Mortgage Lifter

Jersey Devil

Will have soon


MonkeyÂs A@#

Costuloto Genoviese

Brown Berry

Cherokee Green

Green Zebra

White Beauty

Note all fruit were from disease free plants and processed using the fermnintation process.

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Would like a few things email me please

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cleo88(6 / MA)

Hi sir,
I have a few Paul Robeson for you - purchased this spring from Southern Exposure. All my SE seeds had great germination rates - close to 100%.

I may or may not have KBX and Indian Stripe in September or October - I don't have any extra seed at this point but I'm growing it now. KBX is not being very productive with the lousy NE weather, but Indian Stripe is doing OK. I just might have to eat them all, though!

You are not set up to receive emails from members, or I would have emailed you. I am, so email me if you want the Paul.

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sending you an email. Thanks!

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Update: I now also now currently HAVE:

Cherokee Green
Green Zebra
Costuloto Genoviese
Brown Berry
Mr Stripley (Big Version)

and will have
Tennessee Suprise

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