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anthonyjamesJune 7, 2010

I have not done any interplanting and am very new to it. Right now I have a few plots that are 20 x 40.

Plot one I have the following:

Note all rows are 2 ft wide

Row is 1 is on the North end of the plot and runs East/West

Row 1 - Corn = 20 ft row and planted 4 seeds every sqft to equal 160 seeds

Row 2 - Corn = same as above but not planted yet (next week)

Row 3 - Corn = same as above and planting in 3 weeks

Row 4 - Big Beef Tomatoes = 6 plants in the 20 ft row

Row 5 - Roma Tomatoes = 6 plants in the 20 ft row

Row 5 - Cherry 100's = 6 plants in the 20 ft row

Row 6 = Herbs ( 2 Basil, 2 Sage, 2 Greek Orgeno)

Row 7 = Stringless Bush Beans = 4 per sqft and plan on planting these in 8 sqft sections every 3 weeks until row is full.

Plot 2 Runs same direction as Plot 1 except each row is 40 ft long

Row 1 - Sugar Snap Peas = 8 per sqft (Planted 16 square feet and planned on spacing out the remainder of the row to 16 square feet every 3 weeks until it is at full length)

Row 2 - Green Straight Neck Squash = 4 Plants, Carrots = 16 per sqft (Approximately 8 ft long x 2 ft long row)

Row 3 - Yellow Straight Neck Squash = 4 Plants, Carrots = 16 per sqft

Row 4 = Radishes = 16 per sqft and planting them in same time frame as Peas above.

Plot 3 I have not started yet but planned on Pumpkins, Butternut and Acorn Squash and maybe some other melons if I get to them soon.


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If you can do your corn in blocks instead of rows, you'll probably get better pollination.

You are working on a bigger scale than most of us, but you'll find we're all a bunch of planners. I'd guess some of us probably enjoy the planning aspect the most. ;)

I don't have a written 2010 Garden Plan. I've let my strawberries go wild, and I'm ramdomly interplanting zinnias, beans, whatever in their bed this year. I find I miss gardening in the ground, I miss getting lost in rows of a big garden plot like my Grandmas, and I miss crazy out of control vine patches and zucchini plants. I'm very jealous of your 20 x 40 plots :)

I'm inspired by the wild, lush, and delicious looking garden pictured in Great Garden Companions By Sally Jean Cunningham.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2009 SFG Plan

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Well I am trying to start a small produce outlet for a Family Farm I work for on the weekends. They asked me to put something together and I was looking at high yeild prodcuct for the most part plus some corn. I have 3 plots that they tilled for me. But I would like to add more to see how much produce we can get in the store area or at the entrance to see if we can get other people to come and purchase other than people visiting the animals.

I will look through your plan for last year.

At home I have a couple of sqft gardens but nothing major. I am trying to figure out potatoes right now. Just seems like a lot of wasted dirt and trying to do my research and fingerlings look nice to grow.

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