April Planting Journal

atokadawn(7)April 15, 2008

I know the month is almost gone, but how about starting a monthly journal here?

What have you done in the yard/garden/houseplants for this month?

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Did the last of the winter clean-up----trimmed Annabelles, perovskia, caryopteris, etc.
Fed daylilies with Flower Tone
Fed Japanese maple with Plant Tone
Cut down and dug up 5 ugly prickly junipers and replaced them with 3 cephalotaxus (Japanese spreading yew)
Pulled last year's lantanas out of the garage (and put them back inside last night) and fed them all
Trimmed my boxwoods (almost waited too late for that!)
Told my houseplants (ficus, ponderosa lemon) to just hang in there another week or so and they can go outside

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Still cleaning up from the storms.
Working on cleaning out the multi ponds.
Setting up new beds for new plants.
Spreading the mountain of mulch/compost into backyard to make it a English style yard.
Cutting back all houseplants to get ready for new growth.
Trying to harden off seedlings.
Decorating the yard in sheets.lol

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I have pulled my tropicals in and out of the garage so many times I have lost count. I did get the front beds cleaned out and need to do the back now. I have mowed the weeds and being trying to read on how to get rid of them. Have been buying way more plants than I need.


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1. renovated front-lawn
   a. round-up, applied over the entire yard, two weekends in a row.
   b. scalped lawn as low as it would go with the mower.
   c. ripped up remaining bits with garden rake and detatching rake.
   d. applied 1.2 lbs of 34-0-0 (pure nitrogen) fertilizer per 1000 sq. ft. as recommended by the UT soil survey results.
   e. watered in fertilizer and applied a dose of Nitron A-35 liquid aerator solution (essentially nothing but stale-beer & baby shampoo @ $40.00 per gallon)
   f. laid down 3.5 lbs of Galaxy Plus KBG seed per 1000 sq. ft.
   h. sprayed seed with Tupersan pre-emergent to kill off any surviving bermuda grass seeds that were brought up to the surface during the renovation process.
   g. laid down 2 cubic yards of peat moss over the seed bed.
   h. begin 3x daily watering program to keep seedbed moist.

2. got a healthy dose of sun poisoning on my back in the process.

3. weeded out garden beds in back and front yard.

4. started seedlings for watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumbers, sweet peas, green beans, bell peppers, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, radishes, spinach, mesclun lettuce, nasturium, snap-dragons, marigolds, zinnias and sunflowers. LOL!

5. begun designing a square-foot garden for three raised 4' x 4' garden beds which will include trellises to grow the melons and cucumbers vertically made out of rebar and remesh (i'll post images when they're complete)

6. cleared out the space required for the raised garden beds.

7. started two new compost piles using all the dead grass obtained from renovating my lawn. Word to the wise - even though the grass was dead brown from the round-up, it's still high and nitrogen and with heavy rains two weeks ago my compost has a very equine manure-esque odor to it, LOL!

that about covers it for the last two weeks. Non-gardening related tasks such as taking care of my wife and 10mos old baby for the last 10 days as they both dealt with some kind of nasty, feverish bug that's been going around as well as planning out the designs and buying the supplies for the new 4' x 4' x 6' terrarium for the wifey's green iguana have also been going on but they're kind of unrelated to the question.

:rolls eyes: I'm already in need a vacation...

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Ok, I read your post, now I off for a nap...We've done good to get the weeds pulled and not done with that either. Right now, the good ol' spring time allergies are keeping me indoors.

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My sweet father in law built me a raised bed (4X12) which I have amended and amended soil to ready it for a seed starting bed when it ever quits frosting! I have painted and planted a tire planter with perennials snitched from other plants in my garden. Pulled baby weeds weeds weeds!! Generally oohed and ahhed at the 3rd year growth of my prior efforts. We are currently pouring the quickrete stone path forms to make a walkway alongside my flowerbed. I've done lots of painting during the dreary days...yard furniture, ornaments, etc. I'm full steam ahead and will likely pass out May 18 after I do a marathon planting post MTPS! What a way to go though...

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mstagjd120(z7 MEMTN)

Weeding, weeding, weeding. Why are the weeds so easy to grow but flowers harder??

Cleaned out the pond.

Moved plants outside/inside/outside/inside.

Tilled shredded leaves into veggie bed.

Still lots to do though. This is a helpful thread to see what other folks are doing & what I should be doing.


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I am planting and dividing as many yard plants as possible, and also under "Greenhouse" construction. I have been clearing out unwanted trees, weeds and honeysuckle vines in order to make a place for my new HF greenhouse to be put in and now finally, we are going up with it! We are now into our 3rd day of clearing,digging, leveling, and putting together a 10 x 12 greenhouse. The frame is all set into place with the roof beams intact. Hopefully tomorrow, the vents and doors go on and then the poly panels after that. I am sooo excited, yet worn to a frazzle, geeeez, what all we will do for our plant addictions! And I haven't even started weeding yet...........Jackie

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arjo easy or you'll be dead before you can enjoy the fruits (okay vegetables of you labor). So far weed clearing in my large standard garden bed about half done, planted three tomato plants/ w marigolds today to reward those efforts. Have two mel's 2' x 2' boxes planted okra and broccli in mels bowes late February done well with those so far. Got seedlings started inside under lights cucumbers probably put out early May. Got a 10 Ft square area I'm reworking this year I have not begun to work on. Debating mel's boxes vs raised beds. Considering seriously a tiered structure myself. Tommorrow more weeding and first trip out for supplys to lowes for the year. Starting some more seed indoors tonight for later season transplant (have two 2FT & 8Ft lighting setups).

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Got 3 of the ponds cleaned out. Will move their plants back in tomorrow.
Got bunny poo shoveled into the new flower beds.
Moved alittle more of the wood mulch to the backyard.(I think it is multiplying out there)
Worked on the rider again today.Will need to get a new battery and sparkplug this year.

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sondra_tn(South East TN (6/7))

I have been trying to find a belt for a week for my rider...had to pushmow last week (took 3 days)! LOL I am needing to start some veggies, get my garden turned and waiting on mushroom dirt to be delivered.
I have weeded several bed's. Problem I have is Campanula is taking over one bed and Silver King, Dusty Miller type (I think it may be some type of Artesia sp? as well) is taking over 3 bed's. It's not an easy thing to pull....any ideas on how to get rid of them? Same problem with glads and 4:00!! LOL
I also am not sure what is weed's and perrinnials coming up. LOL I have started a new compost pile as I used up my other one. Bad that I find reason's to bring horse's in barn and clean stalls (like I need something else to do!)
Needing to walk/carry and spray pasture's and yard with weedkiller (hoping hubby buys me a pull behind sprayer this year)
I am putting all house plant's and 2 brug's outside today in hopes thay can stay out there for a bit. LOL I need to repot the brug's yet would love to put them outside in the ground. The ones I had in the ground didn't make it 2 years in a row.

On the side I run two kids to tball and softball 4 days a week and also packing up the house to remodel! LOL

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WOOHOO!!! 4 Days later and the HF Greenhouse is now a finished project!!!!!!! OH, My aching body...........and now on to the other projects. Jackie

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I am still working on redoing my backyard.
I got all my swap babies into their new homes :).
Got the old dryer set up and gutted to make a place to store my extra flower pots.
Had to pull nasty water weeds out of all the back beds.
Went and refound the wild virgina bells,now will go back tomorrow and dig them up!

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Hey Lani, You don't have any "Trilliums" hiding out back there do ya???? I want some more of them if you run across any, just let me know and I will be right on down to dig em up............Jackie

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Woods behind me are full of them.

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