Did I ruin my tomato plant?

becky07June 10, 2009

I waspruning my tomato plants tonight (they are about a foot high) and got carried away. I pruned off the top of the plant where it grows upward. Did I ruin it or will it develop another path to grow from?

I have another I can transplant there if need be, but this particular plant is very healthy and growing so well, I hate to have to ditch it.

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I accidently pinched the top off of one of mine this year and it will continue to grow. It will send out a sucker and continue on like nothing ever happened. It may take a little while before it does send off a sucker if you have pruned all of the branches and plucked all of the suckers already but it will continue to grow.

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also if you like that particular kind, stick those in water, and they'll root really easily, (if ya want more to plant) and heck, befor long, you'll have some more plants, i did that last year, and i had tomatoes later in the year than when my original plant had died off. it was really neat! ~Medo

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thanks for the answers. I was just sick when I realized what I had done, which of course was within nanno seconds after I did it!

I never thought about trying to root is, I was so upset I threw the whole handful of suckers on the compost pile and just walked in the house. I have a couple iffy plants, maybe I will just root a few to have on hand in case I need them.

Thanks so much for your help!

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