WANTED: sungold op, big sungold, indian stripe,

compost_pete-growerOctober 12, 2009

i am looking for big sungold, sun gold op, indian stripe, and any other large purple, uncommon tomato seed.

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Pete, DonÂt know about Big Sungold but sun gold o-p is called Sungella. I only have a few seeds myself but tmseeds.com is where I purchased. I can send you Bonito Ojo and Mexico as I consider them rare.

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I have sungella- didn't know it was also called sungold. It did not have the sweetness sungold has, imo. Yeah if can send some of the Bonito Ojo and mexico that would be great--- is mexico the same one that tomato growers sells? I grew that one and it is a large pink tom, very good flavor and i still have seed for that one, but i always like to try different sources. I have many varieties of seed, if you let me know what you like i can let you know what i have.

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Pete, Do not see e-mail info.
For using the exchange forum, its best to goto profile and near the bottom put a check mark in the box- 'Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site'.
Or you can go to Simmran1 (my page) and send me an e-mail.

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