HAVE: Black Cherry, Caspian Pink, Indian Stripe, B. Krim + more

catman529(6b)October 29, 2009

OK I posted this thread in the form of "wanted" but since I have so many seeds to trade I thought I should put up a "have" version.


I fermented all of them except for Coyote and Borgo Cellano which came from Tomatobob.com. I didn't treat any of them with bleach water solution, in case you may want to do that yourself.

The amounts are estimated, as follows:

Few - less than a dozen to 2 dozen

Some - Several dozen

Lots - Many dozen

Variety Amount

Black Krim Lots

Riesentraube Lots

Black Plum Lots

Tiny Tim Some

Caspian Pink Some

Coyote Some

Borgo Cellano Few

Indian Stripe few/some Black Cherry Hundreds


I already have some seeds for these varieties, thanks to some of the members on here. However I wouldn't mind a few more of any of them if you have some to trade. (I am going to grow extra seedlings for a community garden so extra seeds would be great)


Sungold F1

Brandywine Sudduth

Aunt Gertie's Gold

Neves Azorean Red

Please scroll down through the reply posts to check for updates - I might add new varieties to the Wanted list, and I will post whenever I have run out of a variety on the Have list. Thanks!

Since I have so many black cherry seeds, I am willing to mail some to anyone through SASE.

If you have something to trade (or want to send an SASE), send me an email at catman529 (@) gmail.com

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I'm sending you mail.

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Sending mail ;)

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Send me some borgo cellano, indian stripe for queen of the night cuttings.

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No longer have Borgo Cellano or any Indian Stripe left to trade.

I think I have enough seeds now of varieties that are on my Wanted list, thanks to those of you here who traded with me.

I still have PLENTY of the other listed varieties available, so please don't hesitate to email me. Even if you don't have one of my wanted varieties to trade, I am interested in any new suggestions.

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I would be interested in trading tomato seeds with you. I have German Johnson, Tiny Tim, Red Robin, Italian Pompeii, and Pappy's Amarillo. I also have an extensive pepper seed collection if interested.

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I have some seeds of Jetsetter in exchange for the Black Krim and Black Plum. Sent you email. Thanks!

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sending email.

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