Small holes in leaves and sickly plants

orion2002(Zone 6)March 27, 2006

This is my second time growing tomatoes from seeds and last

year they all died. This year the plants were doing great

but now as the new leaves develop there are tiny holes all through them. The two oldest plants are now becoming very yellow, the new growth is almost white. I have about 25 Plants growing in peat pots under three floresent wal-mart grow lights. There are white mold spots on the pots but from what I read in the forum that seems normal. Little bumps first started to appear on the top of the leaves and then holes started to show up in the leaves. Only the "oldest" plants had the holes but now it seems to be spreading. I don't see any bugs but I guess there are bugs you can't see, I don't know. Please help

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feldon30(N Houston (8))

I would search as much as you can. When you water these plants, are you watering the entire plant, or just the soil? In other words, are the leaves getting wet? If so, you have to look at mildew, mold, fungus as the culprits.

Tomato pests/insects almost always hide on the undersides of leaves and many (aphids, whiteflies) are VERY small. Do you see anything unusual under the leaves of your tomato plants?

Check out these links for pictures to see if these match what you are seeing:
Flea Beetles
Grey Leaf Spot
Bacterial Speck

Quoted from Bachman's:
Whiteflies can be a horrible problem. Look for small white flying insects near the plants and what looks like rice on the bottom side of older leaves. Commercial growers in Florida have been successfully using horticultural oil sprays to smother the eggs and larvae. Slugs munch away at the almost ripe fruit, leaving ragged holes, ruining the tomatoes. Trap and/or repel them as you would with other plants.

Quoted from Bachman's:
Bacterial Speck or Spot produces specking and spotting of both the leaves and fruit. It appears as small raised specks or scabby-looking spots on the fruit, while the leaves may have specking or larger dark spots that lose their centers. If the disease occurs early in the season, the yield may be severely affected. Ripe fruit is unaffected.

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orion2002(Zone 6)

Thanks for the reply. I Checked the plants very close and did not see any signs of the bugs or eggs.

The plants are putting out new growth that is green and the
holes are appearing less in the new leave.

Could I have over fertilized, watered, the seedlings? I stopped watering the plants when the mold on the peat pots first showed up. The pots were all soggy and I even transplanted 3 of them. I also used houseplant food at first. The tomatoes seem to be doing ok now.

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