update: mnf - tulips found uranus fragrant - #3

fishymamas(z9, So. CA)March 22, 2008

ok since march was the month on the 13th that uranus was discovered (thank you tracy for showing me some march's link :')) i thought this would be cool!!

the RULES UGH!! all needed though,

1. you must be 18

2. must be a gw member

3. must have lots of fun!!

4. must if you have something on your mind, tell us!! so what if its all whiny, geez we all have whiny days!!

now for the other part, must be signed in by march 16th, that's everybody's right day!! :'))

**the colors are blue, red, orange, green, violet, yellow and white. those are the colors seen in the pics.

**This is a MUST what ever you send must be fragrant!!

**as the name suggests it can be at least 3 tulips (for the month of march) thats between you and your swap buddie!! LOL

but at least 3 of some sort of bulb :'))

**must be at least 1 set of bulbs (other than the tulips) :')) since no plants can be shipped now :'((

**there must be 3 packets of seeds from your partners wants lists.

**everything must be shipped by april 1st. confirmation would really be nice, it helps to make you feel safe and let you know that it got there safely!!

Have fun everyone!! Looking forward to having lots of fun with this!!

and pleas lets keep this "clean" :')) HEE HEE i know, it will be so very hard to do!! LOL

lets make lots of new friends everyone and don't be afraid to come in and say hi!! :'))

*** swap is closed, boxes are shiiping now***

I used up the last one, so started the fresh one.

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I put up the details for the After Dark RR that I'm hosting for April!


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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)


I know I'm a day late, slept over at the hospital again.

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