wanted: wanted: idaho hillbilly

louster(5)October 31, 2009

Have heard these are better than Opalka, which we love, and would really like to try them.

Here's what I have to trade:

Black Brandywine*

Anna Russian*

Berkley Tie Die

Pink Berkely Tie Die

Box Car Willie*

German Head*



Neve's Azorean Red*

Earl's Faux

Russian 117*

Giant Belgium*


Brandy Boy Hybrid*


Green Giant

Large Pink Bulgarian

Aker's West Virginia

Pruden's Purple


Marianna's Peace

Black Krim*

Moreton Hybrid*


La Rossa Paste

JD's Special C-Tex

Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red*



Sarnowski Polish Plum*


Cherokee Green*

Mule Team

Those marked with an asterisk are from commercial seed sources. Thanks, if anyone can help me out!

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I have grown the Hillbilly Tomato.
I did a search for Idaho Hillbilly and found nothing. Hillbilly Tomato is open pollinated, 85 days, indeterminate, from the hills of West Virginia. It is large 1 -2 pounds, sweet, orange/yellow marked fruit with red/pink meat. It is available at may seed source listings.
Hope you find this information helpful.
The varieties you have listed above and grew is a very good listing.

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Gary...the variety was mentioned in the thread "Best tasting Pear/Plum Shaped?" and larryw said he has grown a variety called Idaho Hillbilly that he raved about that put Opalka to shame. We really love Opalka, and I would like to try Idaho Hillbilly to see if it performs as well in my garden. Should I go back and respond in that thread? I didn't want to be rude, as it sounded like he didn't have a lot of seeds to share, but I REALLY would like to try it!!

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I would request the source he had for his Idaho Tomato seed. It may still be one and the same variety.
Good luck!

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He said in the thread that it was obtained in a trade, years ago, from someone named Rosaline McArthur from Idaho. He describes it as 1.5" to 4", red, shaped like a long banana pepper, regular leaf indeterminate plant. The fruits are meaty without being dry, and have a bright, full flavor. And the plant is very prolific. Sounds like perfection to me!

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E-mail me at deeprock@netlink.net and we will exchange addresses. I'll trade you for some Aker's West Virginia.

One trouble with this tomato is that it contains very few seeds so trading gets to be a problem. I saved seeds from 2 tomatoes last year and got 26 seeds! I'll send you 5 of them and then try to save seeds again next year to be safe.
That will have to be all for this year as another 5 seeds are going to another Garden Web member who expressed interest.

Please let me know how the seeds do for you and I would be pleased if you took on the job of spreading them around. My
daughter Lisa actually grew the plant from which the fruit were taken in her garden near Negley, Ohio last year. My garden is just a few blocks away. She also grew one Opalka plant so she could compare. I very much hope the seeds are true to variety and not crossed--I only have 3 seeds left from a prior years growout to fall back on! Chances are the seeds are ok and if so you will be impressed!

Rosaline McArthur gardened in the Boise area, as I remember.
She told me that the variety was a local favorite and that
it had somehow picked up the name "Hillbilly". I added the word Idaho to the name. She was very aware of the West Virginia bicolor called Hillbilly (as am I ). We began correspondence as part of one of the original net tomato
growing sites called ITG. Sometimes one can still call up pictures on the computer from that site.

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I can't thank you enough! I would love to grow this, and save seeds and distribute them, but only if you truly feel you have a few to spare. Seriously, I do not want to impose. Didn't realize you were that short of seed. I could always wait a year or two if that would make you more comfortable. But if you would like to share, even 2 or 3 seeds, I would be happy to save as many seeds as I can.
Our email is down right now, we can receive, but not send. Our neighbor is a computer programmer and will fix it, hopefully this week. Meanwhile, I will email you from their house later today, and send you my email and postal address.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Just as a reminder if you can get just one plant growing you could take cuttings to clone more

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