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dstallardMarch 24, 2009

For several years I have attempted to grow tomatos here in coastal south carolina. Each year I try a new technique and a new variety of the plant. Each year I get the exact same results... The plants grow and look healthy they begin to bloom and grow small green tomatos and then the leaves begin to brown on the tips and curl up and the tomatos all begin to rot on the vine. I have tried fungicide, insecticide, planting them in pots, planting them in the ground, using different types of soil, and trying some vegetable fertilizer from time to time. Is anyone else having issues like this is South Carolina?? I grew tomatoes for years in Maryland with great sucess but down here no luck at all. Can someone please help.



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Hi dstallard,
You have experience & now bad results. It is hard to know what in S.C. is frustrating you.
Go back to trying toms in containers & make your substrate without blending any soil (or compost) in it. You will then have a new tactic for a well controlled environment to tweak your variables.
Look at Garden Web's forum "Container" Growing & put together something akin to the growing medium you find fervently touted there as a "5:1:1" blend.

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