trying to buy spinach plants

jozwiakJune 9, 2009

I planted my garden a month ago (Chicago) and my place didn't have spinach plants yet. Now none. Any ideas on where I can buy spinach plants for this year?


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I'm new at this, but I don't think that spinach transplants well and is recommended to be direct sowed. Not sure what zone you're in, but here in Zone 6 spinach is just about wrapping up for the season. My first square of it has bolted and my second square (planted 3 weeks later) is getting close to bolting. I direct sowed in early April in the garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: Luke's SF Victory Garden

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Agree; I'm in Z5, and I might get another round out of mine since we just had a cool snap, but I don't expect much more out of it. I'm going to plant some annual flowers in there til fall, or look into some other 'cover crop' thing, then perhaps reseed it for a fall crop or just let it go.

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I've never seen spinach plants for sale. It's easy to grow from seed but it is day length sensitive. It's probably too late to plant but you might try for a fall crop. Would you consider swiss chard or another type of green?

Last year I had fantastic spinach but this year germination was poor. Maybe germination was ok and I have a problem with crows and other birds. Germination on sugar snap peas also planted in April was fine. mmqchdygg, I think I met you at Annie's NH swap and spoke with you briefly about winter sowing. When did you plant your spinach? Last year was my first year in ages of planting a small vegetable garden. I had people tell me I was planting to early yet I remember planting really late one year to have a very early spinach harvest the following year. TIA for the info

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