wanted: wbf/ brad gates types, will trade 2 of mine for 1 of you

disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)November 5, 2009

As if I didn't already have enough tomato seeds and the fact I swore off large tomatoes after my hubby had a talk with me this summer, LOL.

I want to try and see what I can get of the Wild Boar Farm collection in trade before I order next month. I am willing to trade 2 of my selections for 1 of Brad Gates. Most of my seed is commercial or from trade (will list each 1). I will send 10 seeds of each unless the amount is lower and I will let you know if it is. I only need about 6-8 seeds of each type myself. I would prefer to trade at least for 2 types. I ship my tomato seeds in a plain card or white envie. I have never had a problem with sending tomato seeds through the mail like this. If we are trading a good amount that they won't fit in a white envie, I will send in a padded envie. LMK if this is a problem.

I would prefer either commercial or bagged seeds unless you space your plants pretty far apart. I myself have limited space for tomatoes and have to cram them in if doing about 12-16 plants, so I would never trust my own saved seed unless I bagged it.

I am looking for:

Beauty King


AAA Sweet Solara

Black & Brown Boar

Haley's Purple Comet

Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye

Brad's BLK Heart- I actually tried to order this already (traded all my seed last year) and they will not have it for sale this year. I guess they had a problem? So if you have this, I would really like it and will trade 3 for this 1.

I already have these from WBF;

Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart

Large Barred Boar

If you have past selections from him not listed LMK, I may be interested in them. I of course can't grow them all, but I'm still not sure which 1's I will end up trying, so I would like to already have the seed, so I don't have to scramble to get it later on.

This is my current tomato have list up for trade:

Mexico Midget Orange Cherry- Heirloomvegetables Ebay 2009 1 trade left

Mexico Midget Red Cherry- Heirloomvegetables Ebay 2009 2 trade left

Matt's Wild Cherry- Seeds of Change 2009

Black Cherry- Marianna's 2008

Jellybean Red hybrid- Botanical Interest's 2009

Jellybean Yellow hybrid- Botanical Interest's 2009

CampJoy cherry- Renee's Garden 2008

SunGold F1 hybrid- Renee's Garden 2009

Chianti Rose- Renee's Garden 2009

Big Beef Hybrid- Renee's Garden 2009

Brandywine Glick's Strain- Tomatolady Ebay 2009 1 trade left

1884 Purple- Tomatolady Ebay 2009 1 trade left

Purple Dog Creek- BlueRibbonTomatoes year ? 1 trade left

Smoky MTN Red- BlueRibbonTomatoes year ?

Orange Heart- BlueRibbonTomatoes 2007

Lennie & Gracie's KTY Heirloom- BlueRibbonTomatoes 2007 1 trade left

Black MTN Pink- BlueRibbonTomatoes 2008 1 trade left

Black From Tula- Tomato Growers 2009

Momotaro hybrid- Tomato Growers 2009

Cherokee Chocolate- Tomato Growers 2009

Champion VFNT hybrid- Tomato Growers 2009

Giant Belgium- Tomato Growers 2009

Thessaloniki- Marianna's 2009

Brandywine Red- Marianna's 2009

Nepal- Marianna's 2009

Cherokee Green- Marianna's 2009

Marianna's Peace- Marianna's 2009

Rose De Berne- Marianna's 2009

Madagascar- Marianna's 2009

Dark Rose- Marianna's 2009

Woodle Orange- Marianna's 2009


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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

I have been in the works for trades on these types and no
longer need them:

Beauty King
Black & Brown Boar
Haley's Purple Comet
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
Brad's BLK Heart

I no longer have these seeds up for trade:

Brandywine Glick's Strain
Smoky MTN Red


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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

No longer need these. I got alot in trade and just ordered thier new stuff today.


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