Are/were your walnuts late to leaf this year?

anntn6b(z6b TN)April 22, 2008

The old timers in my part of TN, ne of Knoxville, taught me that once the walnut leaves appear, winter is over.

Last year, and most years, that's happened the first week of April. Last year it was immediately after the freeze.

This year, they still aren't out.

Are yours late, too?

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My pin oaks are the same way this year. Last year they nearly had their full leafset by the second week of april and this year they're just now starting to bud. I'm think it's just a reaction to the previous year's drought and not much more...

I've also had an "infestion" of springtails (snow-fleas) and gall midges on the property this year which I never really noticed before either...

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