WANTED: have seed will trade

wiringman(ZONE 4)November 3, 2009

Today we did an inventory of our seeds. This is what we have.

Because i can't seem to line up the columns i will give you the key to understand my list.

the name is 1st

the year we save or bought the seed is 2nd.

how many seeds we have it 3ed.

and our rating basted on taste or canning value is 4th.

Name Year Quty Rating


Kepogg's Breakfast 2009 300 5+

Black 2009 100 3+

Berman Giant 2009 300 5+

Russian Rose 2009 300 4+

Opalka 2009 1000+ 5+

Costaluto Gennivie 2008 400 1

Limmoney 2008 400 2

Church 2008 200 5

Russian Rose 2009 300 4+

Aker's West Virigina 2008 300 5

Aunt Gertie's Gold 2008 300+ 5

Anna Russian 2008 100 5+

Persimmon 2008 50 4

Bonnie's Best 2008 5,000 3

Thessaloniki 2008 5,000 2+

Rutgars 2008 10,000+ 3+

San Marzano 2008 9,000 4+

Cherokee Purple 2008 ? 5

Yellow Pare 2006 1,000+ 3+


Tigerella 2006 300 2+

Marrina Peace 2006 200 5

Money Maker 2006 200 4

Matina 2006 400 5

Brandy Wine 2005 400 2


Scallopni 2008 500 3+

Bennings Green Tint 2008 1,000 5

Banna 2009 1,000 4


Isreali 2006 500 3+

Cranshaw 2009 1,000 4


Tellagraph 2009 400 5+

Satsuki Madori 2009 350 4

most of these seeds we saved and some are commercial. too our best knowledge all are Heirloom or free pollinating.


PS for some reason i can't get this to line up my columns.

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Interested in sub artic plenty?

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What are u looking for in trade? I didn't see anything posted on your page.

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I am just learning about tomatoes...I love them!
would you be willing to accept a sasbe?

I have some unique seed to share-mostly flowers..
how about Eyeball plant, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Queen Anne Pocket Melon (aka Plum Granny),chocolate Morning Glory.
I have black cherry tomato seeds and yellow jelly bean

please let me know

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

I would like Costaluto Gennivie and Bonnie's Best and Anna Russian check my list lmk ty

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Sent you an email Dean.


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Hi Dean,

I see quite a few seeds on your list I'd like to trade with you. Hopefully, you'll find some on my list that you'd like. I have plenty available of all of them, too.

Look forward to hearing back from you, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: My seed page

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i would like the akers tomato and the crenshaw melons please email me and tell me what oyu would like because i cant find your list my email is gardeningbingo@yahoo.com

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