Aphids why won't they go away???

CentralCADad(9)March 29, 2014

Last yr was our first yr faced with aphids we tried some summer oil and a lot of the veggtable garden didn't like it and a lot withird so we tried afew other natural methods garlic hot peppers etc in a spray and they were still everywhere there was a mint plant on the side of the house that seemed to collect them so I removed the mint. Now this yr only weeks into transplanting and there back. Something farms offers this insecticidal soap that I sprayed about four days ago and went to respray today and there are more when u shake the tomatoes these our on the side of the house nothing so far In the main garden. I re soaped them today and they don't seem to like the spray and it just started raining so I hope that improves their dislike for the soap. What else can I try? A neighbor a few doors down uses a. Chemical spray and says she can't get rid of them either. I've tried the local hardware/outdoor store and Home Depot for ladybugs but there always out. I have some special strains of tomatoes this yr and I would like them to turn out.
Hair loom gigantic
Cherokee heirloom
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Dogma So I need the get these aphids under control

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Don't buy ladybugs. They fly away.

Abundant aphids means that something is wrong in the siting (where it's planted) and/or care of the plants.

Aphids are easy to manage A reasonably forceful water spray knocks them off while not damaging the plant.

Stop the soap sprays because they may damage your tomatoes because they have relatively hairy leaves.

And stop the pesticide sprays. You're killing the naturally occurring beneficial insects at your place.

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