First attempt at squire foot gardening

citrusweekendwarriorJune 13, 2014

Hey everyone!
I would like to thank this forum for giving me great ideas for my garden. I normally visit the Citrus forum.
I've always kept a raised bed garden since I could remember. This spring I tore apart some pallets (Ones that were NOT chemically treated) and built a single bed that replaced 2 bed smaller beds.
With the dirt from the smaller beds it still took another 2 cubic yards to fill it. The bed is 10' X 10' with a "Key Hole"
Total cost of the project, 4 Saturday mornings and $60 (Not including seeds and plants)

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A 2nd angle

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Hey, I just started my first SFG.. My son wants me to be a "purest" and I would like to be for the first year anyway. I have Mel Bartholomew's book on SFG. I am using Mels mix. although it was rather expensive to start. I am also starting another new venture. vermicomposting. I made my bin to day and ordered my red wigglers.
I do have a few things coming up and trying to plant a second crop now. Dealing with white flies coming from a row of Confederate Roses that they like very much !
Gotta run and get dinner on. Maybe I can post a photo of my SFG. I am also a scrapbooker so I have photos from start to now. but I wont post all that. Mine is not nearly as large or plentiful as yours. !

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Very nice. Doing much better than my first one. I like your design.

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

very nice! ;)

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Thanks for the compliments! I'll have to post an updated pic. My garden has really taken off since the I started this post.
Maryann, from what I've read, the main investment in sfg is the soil.... Aside from time of coarse. But good soil will make great plant.

I would love to see pics of anyone else's take on sfg.

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

i tried to start a thread to see some folks' gardens - below....

yolos posted lots of great pictures - her garden is beautiful. and bountiful!

but it's sure been quiet around here - i remember it came up in a thread awhile back that people always post pictures of their brand-new sfg plots - but it's harder to find pictures of what a sfg look like mid-season....why i wonder? maybe people are attracted to the neatness of sfg - and the craziness down the line is difficult to deal with so they don't post pictures? i know my tomatoes are nuts right now. of course i stopped pruning them after spending too much time over in i can't even tell which is which at this point - the branches are totally intertwined lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: How is your garden growing? (pics)

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I think your SFG looks beautiful, but I wonder how easy it is to access all the veggies once they are ready for harvest. Here is my current pic, 3rd year in. I am thinking about getting certified as a SFG instructor for next year.

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My first attempt and everything seems to be happy. I used Mel's mix to start off and today added some Tomato-Tone to the tomatoes and Blood meal to the rest of the plants. The corn seems to be turning yellow at the base, hoping the blood meal will help with that, any other suggestions?

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I see shade in one of your pics, is it a tree ? if yes , beware of tree roots....nothing will stop them except elevating beds

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