Curled under new tomato leaves

staceyalg(2b)April 16, 2011

I am growing cherry tomatos indoors until I can plant them outside. They have been growing very steady and for the most part look healthy. They have been potted up 3 times and are in their final pots now. However I have recently noticed some of the new branches on some of the plants are curling under and twisting in on themselves. The leaves are still a nice green and they are not over or under watered. Anyone have any ideas here?

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I'm having a similar issue, but with full-size tomatoes (brandywine otv and paul robesons). they looked great for a long time, and now all of the new growth at the top is all twisted/curled.

i'm using an earthbox, so the water levels are supposed to self-regulate, and i don't see any purpling of the leaves. the lower half of one of the plants looks totally healthy; on the other, the leaves are curling just a little bit.

any help would be much appreciated!

brandywine otv up close

paul robeson on left, brandywine otv on right

top of paul robeson

paul robeson in foreground

thank you :)

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