tomato flowers wilting

loucolo(5 colorado)April 30, 2006


Two weeks ago a friend and I purchased 4 Early Girl tomato plants in 4 inch pots. THey are very bushy and loaded with flowers and already have small tomatoes on them.

Since then, the tomatoes have grown larger but some of the leaves are turning yellow at the edges and have a sort of canker and spots on them and some, not all of the flowers are wilting or drying up.

We live in Colorado and are not able to plant them for a couple of weeks yet, so they are in a sunny window.

I suspect some kind of disease or blight or does anyone have thoughts on this? I don't have any photo at the moment but will try to get one. Without knowing specifically what is wrong, I wonder if they can be saved?



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feldon30(N Houston (8))

You should have pinched off all the blooms to let it focus on root development. I would have maybe "potted up" to a 6" pot.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I suspect some kind of disease or blight or does anyone have thoughts on this?

Not without some more information.

if you've had them only two weeks and they already have small fruits, then if you're seeing some blossom drop now it no doubt means that it's due to transplant shock, wich wouldn't be unusual.

As for leafd symptoms, you'll have to describe in detail what the spots look like as to shape, size and color and whether there are nay yuellow halos around them.

Better still, go to Problem Solver #2 thread and look for the link to TAMU and see if you can match up what you see with any of the following, which are the most common casues of foliage diseases:

Early Blight ( A. solani)
Septoria Leaf Spot
Bacterial Speck
Bacterial Spot


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loucolo(5 colorado)

Hello Carolyn,

Yesterday I posted a couple of photos on the plants in question and they are in "more on tomato plants wilting" and "more on tomato plants wilting 2".
Two persons have suggested that the plants are OK but pot bound, inhibiting root production.The suggestion is to cut off the flowers and fruit to allow root development.
If you can, please look at the photos and see if you have other thoughts.
We will probably either transplant to larger pots for now unless something else is going on.

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