yellow spots on leaves

steel_rat(9)April 22, 2013

Can someone please tell me what these yellow spots are on the leaves of my tomato plant (and how to treat them)?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

We need a few clues.

Please tell us all you know about them. Here's a few starter questions:
- where in zone 9 do you live?
- what are current temperatures -- day? -- night?
- in ground or pot?
- if in pot, what kind of potting mix?
- if in ground, what soil prep prior to planting?
- any fertilizer applied?
- if yes, what kind, how often & how much?
- how many hours sunlight each day?

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I'm in north Florida.
Temps have been averaging low-mid 80's/low-mid 60's at night.
Lots of full sun...6+ hrs easy
planted in an earthbox, with their startup kit, soil, dolomite and fertilizer.
I've got some cucumbers planted next to them that are developing yellow spots as well although slightly different (smaller and more of them...kinda like stars at night) These on the tomatoes are fewer and wider.
Plants have been in for a couple weeks...spots are new...about two days old.

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follow up pic of spots on cucumber plant in container next to tomatoes. sorry the pics not that great! wondered if they were related.

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