Love to watch the garden grow.....

gabbygardnerJune 16, 2009

I am having so much fun looking at pictures of my growing garden. They are much like a child, you see them everyday and don't notice the amazing growth spurts. I have not felt like my garden was growing like it should have been these last 4 weeks. We have had stormy, rainy, cool days for weeks now and I was getting discouraged, but these pics helped!!

May 20, 2009

Today: June 16, 2009

Pretty cool, especially for a Zone 5 gardener!!!

The only thing really getting me peeved about my garden is the obvious cotton from our tree. It is soooo bad this year. It lets go with the massive cotton about every third year, I just wish it wouldn't stick to all my veggies!!!

Happy Gardening,


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How cool! I like the picket fence boxes! Did you make them or was it left over from something else? Everything looks so good!

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looks great!! I love to look at my pics over time too! I love to see results!

My Garden Blog

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The picket fence ones are my favorite too!! My husband did those from the left over fencing we had. That is where my strawberries are now. I have had so much fun with this garden. I am not able to do the in ground kind anymore, but this one is perfect.

ShawnAnn, your blog is great. Did you find out what kind of bug that was? It looks like a cricket to me;) I'm not good with bugs though.

Thanks and happy gardening!!!


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It is fun when you can look back t pictures and see the growth!

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I love the way your corner boxes are and the picket fence box. I've gardened in raised beds for years and don't think I would ever go back to the old way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Teresa's Treasures

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I am setting up a blog (I couldnt stand it! You guys make it look so fun!) and I am going through my old pics from April thinking OH MAN! That area is just COVERED now! lol Man I wish I could find the memory stick to my camera!

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I agree, it is so much fun. I love when people do blogs of their gardens too. I will have to consider it;)

I have to give kudos to my husband on the corner boxes, he was the one who came up with those. I just love them. My garden is the talk of the neighborhood. I have people stop by regularly just to come walk through it. I have one neighboring couple who are in their 50's or so that have never had a garden, even as children!! They absolutely love to watch it grow.

What fun a garden can be for family, friends and neighbors!!

Keep on Gardening All,


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heather38(6a E,Coast)

oHHH! yours is way better than mine, well done, I love the blogs as well, I started, but I just can't sustain the enthusiasm, unlike my garden.

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