Large spreading Azaleas? East TN

tsknoxvilleApril 13, 2008

I'm looking for some suggestions in choosing large spreading azaleas for my yard. I live in East TN, Zone 6. I'm looking for azaleas to plant at the edge of a tree line (under trees), that will grow to 6'-10' and help block my neightbor's yard/house (they've cut down some trees, exposing my yard/house).

I see lots of information about azaleas in other states, but haven't found much about my area.

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There are lots of azaleas around that for sure. Even the large spreading azaleas will take several years to get large enough to fill the void you describe. What kind of trees are you wanting to plant under, and how much sun does that area receive? These things can have a huge impact on how successful your azaleas will be.

Now to answer your question...I have no idea what the variety is called, but the ones that look more like a mountain laurel with the longer leaves and larger light purplish blooms are the ones that I see that have the best spread.

Just adding to the confusion.

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I forgot to add. If you live near Oak Ridge I can put you in contact with a man that has raised azaleas for 40+ years and knows all there is to know about them. He has even crossbed a few of his own cultivars. He has a spring sale every year to thin what he has. I bought 6 from him this year and they are thriving and just about ready to bloom.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


I'd be very interested in meeting this guy too. We are getting ready to add a bunch of rhododendron and azaleas at the Oak Ridge Arboretum and would love to talk to anyone really familiar with growing these in this particular area. Someone in Oak Ridge would be particularly awesome.


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Most of the trees around our house are red oak and beech, plus some scrub trees. This time of year, there is lots of sunshine since the trees have none to minimal leaves. During the summer, the area is filled with dappled light through the leaves. One side gets some morning light.

I realize that it will take several years (possibly many) for the azaleas to get large... but it won't happen if I don't start sometime. ;-)

I live near enough to Oak Ridge to drive over. So I would like to meet or be in contact with the azalea man there.

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I think that Chris might mean Huey Sides...

Here is a link that might be useful: The Oak Ridger Online

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I want to meet the Oak Ridge azalea man, too, and more importantly, go to his spring plant sale. Can you post details here?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

What a small world, guess who I met at the Oak Ridge Arboretum Plant Sale.

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