Leaf Pic, Your thoughts please

acrouse(9b Florida USA)April 1, 2006

I backpedaled about 200 posts here and can't seem to define this problem shown in the pics. I checked the problem solver and something close shows up but again not definite (no yellow halo around spots). This problem just started we caught it very early. So far only the lower leaves are affected. The plant is 2.5' tall, growing in a plastic bucket, soil level 6" down from the rim of the bucket, well drained. A systemic fungicide/bug killer was used 2 weeks ago on the plants soil. The closest I can come to identifying the spotting is a fungus caused by wetness. The plant gets lots of light during the day and some afternoon sun on the westside of the house. Was planted about 2 weeks ago now is a beefsteak. Any ideas? Cures?

Image link:

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acrouse(9b Florida USA)

Link below has an additional pic of underside of the same leaf if that may be useful.
Thank you,

Here is a link that might be useful: Topside & Underside Tomato Leaf Problem

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Tomato foliage diseases are IDed by the lesions on the top of the leaves only, and it looks to me like Bacterial Spot, which may or may not have yellow halos, but often does not.

So why not check out pictures of Bacterial Spot and see if that looks familiar to you.


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acrouse(9b Florida USA)

Thank you for the information Carolyn. Looks close enough to me and with your insight into the halos not always being present we'll go with it. Again thanks for your time.
ENjoy your Springtime!

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