black spot on leave, stem, and flower (photo)

bbcw(9/so cal)April 27, 2006

Is this Early Blight damage? And what is causing the strange leave coloration? Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: photos here

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

The photos are quite dark so I can't really see what I mnight want to see that well.

My suggestion is to go to Problem Solver #2 in a thread below and find the link to TAMU and take a look at some pictures yourself.

Most likely would be Early Blight ( A. solani), and Septoria Leaf Spot as far as fungal diseases go, and Bacterial Speck and Spot as far as the bacterial ones are concerned.

Bacterial Speck does affect blossoms, if indeed what you show is due to infection and no just lack of pollination of the blossom which leads to the blossom withering and falling off, which is normal for unpollinated blossoms.

I'm sorry I can't tell more and if those leaves are truly half light and half dark that's something I've not seen before.

And do remember that with Yahoo the pictures are only available for 24 hours and then a red X appears.

You might want to read the thread in the main TOmato Forum about how to post pictures here where folks are giving advice to others as to which servers might be the best for pictures.

So see what you can see at that TAMU link and there are other links in that thread to other sites that you can review as well. It's just that your pictures are so dark I can't see the features I'd like to see.


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bbcw(9/so cal)

Thanks Carolyn, you're the best. After looking at the pictures and the discription, I am pretty sure it is Bacterial Speck and Spot. Here at So Cal, we had a very cool and wet April. Does Ortho Disease Control help with this? If not, what other controls do you suggest? I have two Sungold and one Juliet plant that has been infected and the plants seems "thin". Should I leave them in the ground or pull them out and replace them? Thanks again.


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