russet mites

dennyg(9)April 2, 2009

I'm growing tomatoes hydroponically in a small home greenhouse. I have an infestation of russet mites. Recently I've used Fertilome's Triple Action Plus (Neem Oil) with they claim will control mites. My experience thus far is that it is not very effective in dealing with russet mites. It may kill a few of them, but a day or two after spraying they are many, and very active.

If anyone has a potion that will eliminate my russet mites, I hope that you will share it with me. I would prefer not to share my tomato plants with the mites.

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I have yet to find anything that kills mites other than a systemic. These can't be used on food crops. Neem oil is a waste of money. You may as well spray them with plain water.

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lubadub(5B PA)

I had a really bad problem with tomato russet mites last year. I actually lost a lot of plants before I recognized the problem. I worked with a farm agent and people at Penn State. All of the things they recommended either came in gallon containers or cost several hundred or more dollars. All things considered I would recommend you try insecticidal soaps and liquid sulfur. Good luck and let me know how you do.

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Vegetable oil plus baking soda with water was highly recommended by an agriculturalist, but it hasn't worked for me.

I'm going to try a mite predator (Galendromus Occidentalis) which cost about $25 per 1000. I wouldn't bet a nickel that they'll do the job, BUT I'm betting $25?? In any case I'll let you know about my success or lack there of in about month. My tomatoes are good, but very pricey.

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Using the G.Occidentalis predators was a failure. Probably too many prey, too few predators.

However, ferti-lome dusting sulfur applied as a spray appears to have been effective. In checking one leaf each from six plants that had been heavily infested, I detected, at 30X, a single russet mite.

I'll spray again in a couple weeks, to make sure that the few that survived don't have time to repopulate.

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