Help! Tomato leaves and stems turning black!

stephens02159(9b-Tampa Florida)April 11, 2013

Has anyone dealt with this before? i keep having issues with it, i removed all limbs affected and applied organocide. Not sure if it had anything to do with me appling a insecticidal soap last night to rid of a caterpiller problom i had on my peas. Yesterday i saw a few stems with this problem but i just cut out like 20-30 stems covered in it. NEED HELP!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Not a disease. More likely a cultural problem.

We need to know how you are growing them. So please fill us in on some of the missing details, anmong them these:

- where do you live? (zone and city)
- what are current temperatures -- day? -- night?
- in ground or pot?
- if in pot, what kind of potting mix?
- if in ground, what soil prep prior to planting?
- any fertilizer applied?
- if yes, what kind, how often & how much?
- how many hours sunlight each day?
-- pot or ground?
- anything else you can think of?

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