How do I keep animals from eating my veggies?

chlobellApril 17, 2013

We built a raised bed (4x10) and I've planted my seeds and now I need to make a plan for keeping the squirrels, rabbits, etc out of my bed. We live in an urban area so I don't have to worry about deer but we have tons of squirrels, birds and some bunnies. I doubt the bunnies can get in but not positive. We've considered getting a outdoor cat. Any thoughts on how effective that is? I am looking for a cost effective solution and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Let me nix the cat idea for you. I have more trouble keeping the crazy cat lady neighbor's cats from pooping the my garden than I do keeping squirrels & rabbits out.

The only progress I've made has been putting *lots* of rose canes and dead branches over my freshly planted seed beds. That, and a BB gun.

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This may sound odd, but if you have a zoo nearby contact someone (a zookeeper perhaps) about obtaining some large cat dung. It will keep absolutely every herbivore out of your garden!

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We have lots of squirrels but have never had them be a problem in the gardens. They do eat figs, but we grow enough to share.
This is the first year rabbits have been a problem in our raised beds. Ours are three landscape timbers high. If they were higher I don't think it would be something the rabbits would get into.
I'm going to try blood meal and see if that might deter them.

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myrtleoak(z7 TN)

Youre main problem probably lies with bunnies. Get a pellet gun or traps.

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since you have a raised bed I suggest building a 4x10 (or maybe even two 4x5' ) cages out of chicken wire (instructions can be found in the sq foot gardening book) Then you could even find some way to affix them to your raised bed (Maybe some sort of bent metal staple to hold the cage down) it should keep the bunnies out. alternatively you could just put up some chicken wire around your raised beds. i plan to make the cages though :)

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