What is happening to my poor tomatoes?

sentman42April 21, 2014

I have seven varieties of tomatoes that I started as seeds about 2 months ago, transplanted into individual smart pots about 3 weeks ago. Were growing well until recently, then several of them including Sungold, Paul Robeson, Polish Dwarf, and my tomatillos, are developing flat, irregular, almost shiny bronze patches on both sides of the leaves. No powdery or sticky feel, no bugs. It's been raining like the dickens here for several days and I only noticed the bronzing a few days ago--finally got some sun yesterday. Mostly affects the newer upper leaves. I used potting mix like Miracle Grow in the pots. It doesn't look quite like anything I can find on Google images of tomato plant diseases. Could it be a nutritional deficiency? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Classic symptoms of drought stress.
So what have the temperatures been? Also, any hot and/or dry winds?

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Can't possibly be drought. It's been raining here for a week! :)

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How about Moasic Disease ? Do you smoke?


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No, I don't smoke. No one in the house does.

I did decide to apply some fungicide and then I fertilized with Miracle Gro and liquid seaweed. So far the plants continue to put out new growth that doesn't appear to be affected, and they otherwise appear healthy. We've also had sun for the last week, thank goodness, and the soil is no longer sodden. Phew. Maybe whatever it is won't be a disaster after all. I appreciate the suggestions!

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I found these exact spots on my grape tomato plant this morning! I removed the 3 affected leaves and will wait to see what happens! We have had a fair amount of rain here also.

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