opie12(8/MS)April 21, 2009

I have 8 of my 100+ plants that seem to have wilted overnight. They were fine when I checked on them yesterday, and I get home from work today and they look like they haven't been watered in weeks, however we had a really good rain Saturday, so water is not the problem. The affected plants are: Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Black Cherry, Brownberry (2), Sungold (2), and Sheyenne. I have three rows of tomatoes, most of these are on the first row, but separated from each other by 6-12 plants, other than the like varieties. Should I pull them?? wait and see?? treatment??

I did pull the Black Krim, because I have more plants of that one than the others, and did the cut stem and put it in a clear glass of water, no milky/cloudy discharge from it, so doesn't that rule out bacterial wilt? I also did cut the stem. The pics didn't focus well, but there seems to be some light brown on one side of the stem.

I have one plant (Brownberry) that has a brown lesion on the lower portion of the stem....

Any thoughts? Suggestions??

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

The pictures do not show any of the characteristic symptoms of fusarium. It looks more like a water uptake problem other than fusarium, possibly low soil moisture.

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