help! 25*F forecast tonight in mid tn

corn_squeezer(6)April 15, 2014

I have about 18 tomato and 12 pepper plants already in the ground 2 weeks from those little 4-packs at Lowe's.

I have 2 options:

1 - If the plants can survive below freezing temps down to 25* for 8 hours if covered I can just cover them. I have tons of plastic and Walmart bags will still fit over them too.

2 - If 25* is too cold even if covered I can dig them up and load them into a wheel barrow and small trailer to move into the garage tonight and tomorrow night.

Anyone know if 25* is too cold for covering?

I know a little root disturbance will be minor compared to killing freeze.

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Well I doubted I'd get an immediate reply, so I'm not taking any chances. Gotta act now. I have a stack of 2 gallon pots and I'm fixin' to dig them all up as soon as I'm done typing this.

I'll make a point to follow up later on for y'all.

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Good luck. I hope you have a source of replacement plants if it doesn't work.

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I guess I am too late...but a really effective way to protect a small number of plants from a hard freeze is to irrigate the area heavily, then erect hoops or similar support structure and throw on some old blankets made of wool or fleece. Then cover the whole setup with 6-mil poly and weigh it down nice and tight.

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Gonna be down to 32*F by 6am Thursday morn too so the plants are gonna sit in the sun today next to the garage, then gonna spend one more night in the garage and go back in the ground on Thu.

Actually I think it was quicker to dig them all up than to cut and erect stakes to keep the plastic from breaking the plants, and throwing plastic.

I hope all the farmers who depend on plants for income made out okay.

Slimy okra, it did rain over an inch all Tue night/Wed morn so that step was done if I was gonna cover them.

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I got all of them back in the ground a few days later. I took the opportunity to till in some more leaves while the plants were out.

They're lookin' good today.

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