Heirloom Tomato Leaf Problem

dxjpriceApril 13, 2006

All my tomatoes have recently become afflicted with some sort of leaf disease. I went with heirloom varieties this year, and it looks like I might lose them all. I've looked for similar photos, but have not found anything exactly like what I'm seeing on my plants. I could have a problem with septoria or bacterial spot, and don't know where to go from here. I'd really appreciate some advice. I'll try and post a photo link below. Thanks in advance.

Image link:

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I found several plants at Home Depot that had the same leaf spotting and was told it was due to over watering. So, I didn't pick up any Serenade as planned, and I'll just wait and see.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Is that a picture of your affected leaves?

If so are the colors accurately shown?

It's not Bacterial Speck or Bacterial Spot or either Septoria Leaf Spot or Early Blight ( A. solani)

And it doesn't look like water spots to me either.

I have somthing else in mind for your area but wanted to check with you first about whether that accurately shows what your own leaves look like/

And I also wanted to know if you purchased all of your plants?

No varieties, hybrid or OP heirloom have tolerances against foliage diseases, with three exceptions that are not of use to the home gardener, so what you're seeing has nothing to do with the varieties being OP.



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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the picture is a bit dark, but it properly depicts the colors of my plants' leaves. I raised all my plants from seeds purchased from several vendors. What do you think it could be? Thanks!

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Howdy . Were on ur plant was the leaf taken ? how old? cutting ? seedling ? what nutes? what tenp? and what medium? will help But looks to me with the size of the leaf plant probably is atleast 6 to 8 weeks old? but looks like a trace toxicity maybe boron or mangenise(not magnesium dosnt cause necrotic tissue in toxic amounts )maybe ph issue just my thoughts

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This is exactly what my tomato leaves look like (please see pic attachment in first post) - I was searching for a match and saw this; it's this exactly. It also isn't limited to heirlooms, I have it on Early Girls too (and in three different beds). I wonder if it has something to do with the cold wet weather we got last week? I use lots of compost so I wouldn't have guessed deficiency, but a pH issue is also possible. What do you think?

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I don't know if it helps, but I've been able to avoid most plant leaf and other diseases by making sure to fully supplement the plants with beneficial microbes and other things that boost the natural immune system of the plants.

Kind of like taking extra Vitamin C for flu and cold season.

I haven't had any problems with crazy spots on my leaves or other signs of disease so either I've just gotten lucky or it actually works.

My neighbors try to pass it off and say I've got "better dirt" but we all know that's only because a good gardener takes better care of it to start with. Anyway, what I've been using specifically to fight leaf diseases is Scorpion Juice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scorpion Juice

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I actually work at Home Depot, and know a great deal about growing vegetables. Like the black spot on the bottom of tomatoes is not a rotting problem it is a lack of calcium in the soil, (add gypsum to the soil)

Any way I did tell a customer it was water spots, because that was what it apeared to be, but later on in the day I started doubting that assesment, so I asked the only other person in the garden that knows more than me, and he thought the same, at first but he also dosent know. He was able to tell me that, Bonnie the company we get our veggies from; had the same problem last year and they pulled them, so when he told me that I went and pulled the ones that we had, I didn't wnat to take the chance that it would spread, and so far I haven't seen any others haveing the same problem. I wasn't able to call them because it is the weekend.

I am still determined to find out what it is, I hate not knowing, once I do I will let you know.

By the way the picture is not totally a true representation the coloring is off, because of the incandesent light used. The spots are more closer to the coloring of what a leafminer does, and the spots are thinner, also similer to what a leafminer does.

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number2(USDA 9b/Sunset 14)

I have the exact same problem with one of my tomato plants(sungold). All of its full size leaves have that spotty pattern, not on the younger/smaller leaves. The plant has been out for a week and I started noticing the spot end of the week. There were some rain during the week.

I just tranplanted it to the ground after getting rid of all the spotty leaves. Do you think the plant will survive?

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number2(USDA 9b/Sunset 14)

Realized that it is a very old post. I am going to repost my question to the tomato forum.

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