Bo Bo Tomato

crayphish_la(8b)May 16, 2009

Hello all, I have a hole in my tomato. It started as a "scratch" with no hole but has progressed to what you see in the pic. Question is, should it stay or should it go. I'm inclined to cut it off the vine but don't know if I should for sure.......Help!


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Is that the only fruit with the hole? Also, have you noticed any caterpillars? It kinda looks like Tomato Fruitworm damage...

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Hiya, no the hole developed as the tomato grew. Nothing in it. I did finally cut if off the vine 2 days ago. It's firm and when looking in the hole, it appears to have a solid wall, no mush or any activity. I took it off thinking I've been lucky this far with nothing moving in to it.....Hopefully it will ripen ok.

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