Is preventative spraying ok for disease and pests?

davejnh(5 NH)May 12, 2005

IÂve had tomatoes in the garden a few years now and always end up getting diseased foliage and bug damage. Does it make sense to periodically spray for disease and pests before they start in? After I notice issues I spray with Ortho Garden Disease or Bug be Gone. Last year lost most of my cuks and squash to cucumber beetles who infected my plants, tomatoes looked lousy from blight (at least I think it was blight). I watch the tomatoes and spray after I see insect damage, but in my yard there seems to always be some insect attacking the gardens. Is there a recommended routine for preventative spraying? First year with Heirlooms and want to give them a fighting chance.



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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


I can see spraying for tomato foliage diseases on a preventative basis, but not so much for bugs and insects unless you know they're waiting to zoom in abnd do every year.

Most folks I know spray with the Ortho product b'c it's excellent at preventing tomato fungal foliage diseases, which are usually worse than the bacterial ones, for which there aren't very good products anyway.

You say you think you had blight, but blight is just a general term and doesn't relate to any one specific disease.

When talking about "blight" are you talking about the foliage infections that are so common for everyone or something more serious as in a systemic disease ?

Try Pyrethrin to try and control the cuke beetles but the best prevention is to use floating row covers and then take them off when blossoms appear so that pollination can occur.

Even if the cuke beetles transmit disease at that time you'll still have time to get fruits before plant death starts b/c it takes a good month from time of transmission until symptoms appear.


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colmlt(z6 Maryland)

If I spray Ortho Bug-B-Gone on my tomatoes to kill japanese beetles, will it be OK. I couldn't read the information on the bottle.

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Dave, I would not use an insecticide unless I SAW insects and I.D.'ed them. The use of broad spectrum insecticides will just kill off all your beneficial insects and indiscriminate use of insecticides leads to resistance.
Adopt IPM (Integrated Pest Management) which stresses, among other things, careful monitoring so that insects (preferably early stages) can be controlled before they become a major problem.

There are various formulations of Ortho's Bug -b-gon--some are only to be used on ornamentals. Go to and check out the one you have in mind. Farkee

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