Night Temps below 34 F. Degrees

CeeeeJ5192002April 12, 2014

My son and I recently planted our germinated corn plants, Tomato Plants, Peppers and Germinated Cucumber plants. Before planting I looked at the ten day forecast and no nights were below freezing weather. But the forecast has changed. And two nights next week forecast below 34 degree weather.
Has anyone else in Bristol Tn already planted their plants? Are you concerned about the upcoming cold weather?

Any suggestions?

Specifically next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Will this cold weather affect my young plants?

Thanks in advance for any replies, comments, or suggestions.


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CeeeeJ, in my opinion you need to do something to protect your plants.

How much you do depends in part on how much you value your crop. The low temperatures you indicate could make the plants you mentioned less productive even if not killed outright. They are all warm weather crops.

You need to cover them with whatever you have to give them some protection. Loosely held newspaper held down, by rocks, or drop cloths, sheets, towels, tonic bottles with bottoms cut off, downed evergreen branchlets, leaves, buckets, drip pans, mixing bowls..., old throw rugs, tent flys--whatever you can come up with-- and they need covered in time to keep some of the daytime heat in the soil, and pulled off asap after the danger has passed. Repeat as necessary. If you were planning to use some sort of mulch or straw around your plants later, you could also try that. Beware of averages--go by the last recorded frost dates if you value your crops and can't replant.

In my zone the last frost date is May 15.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tennessee Frost Dates Map

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Roadcapn(z6b TN)

Get some old sheets and some thing to hold them up off of the plants. Put it on in the late afternoon before it gets cooler to hold the heat in and take it off when the temp gets above 45 degrees and climbing so you don't prevent the sun warming the soil.

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