Where to find Golden Bamboo in Mid-Tenn?

davkaApril 20, 2008

Hi folks! I live north of Nashville, and I've been looking for a local nursery that carries golden bamboo. Nobody seems to have it, but I've seen it growing at the Nashville Zoo, so it must be available somewhere . . .

Any ideas?


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myrtleoak(z7 TN)

Drive to west Knoxville and dig it up out of my yard. For free.

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

The only place I have seen it in Nashville was Gardens of Babylon at the Farmer's Market. And it would probably be chaeper to drive to Knoxville and dig it at myrtleoak's place.

Plus the pieces thay had were huge (20ft tall) and would almost require a backhoe to plant.

myrtleoak: I'd love to have some of that, but I don't anticipate being in Knoxville anytime soon. Is it becoming a problem?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

There was another similar question just a few months back. At least a couple of bamboo suppliers were mentioned. I looked for it just now and didn't see it, but didn't take the time to read through all 37 bamboo related threads. Unless someone happens to be able to point you to that post, you might be able to find the info by reading through each of these.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search results for

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You may try posting a request on lebanon freecycle.There was a woman who posted on there trying to get rid of a whole back field full quite some time back.Are you sure its golden bamboo?My husband and i fell in love with the bamboo trail at nashville zoo also.The sound of rustling was neat but when I saw a show on the planting of it they mentioned that its a specific type of bamboo I can't remember the name but they got it all over tennessee requesting it from the public.It was a hairy fiber type.

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Myrtleoak: Thanks, that sounds like a possible plan. Our family will be taking a trip out that way in a month or so, if I haven't found any closer to home by then I'll send you a message.

Brandon: I actually did a search before posting this, and couldn't find anything other than a discussion on how to control golden bamboo. But thanks.

Glorybee: Yes, I'm sure it's golden bamboo I'm looking for. It's not the type they have on the Bamboo Trail, it's the type that's used for landscaping all over the zoo - the area in front of the playground comes readily to mind.

It's huge, gorgeous, and will take over the world if we're not careful.

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Does the Nashville Zoo ever have plant sales? I know that the Memphis Zoo has plant sales, belive they just had one last weekend. I have never been to one so I don't know what its like but it might be worth checking out if the Nashville Zoo has one.

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I'm in Nashville area, looking for Golden Bamboo. I've tried to get in touch with myrtleoak. As yet I've had no reply. Can some one help me please?

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I also live in the Nashville area and would like to get some bamboo similar that that used in the zoo started in my yard. I understand that running bamboo will need to be controlled and have plans to take appropriate measures to keep it contained. I just need a source to get it started.

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