Should my tomato rage against the dying of the light....

ShmeezeeMay 3, 2013

... Or should I put it out of its misery and try again?

I've got a handful of different seed grown varieties. First they got attacked by whitefly. Then spider mites. Then leaf miners, thrips, who knows what else. ALL the bugs.

I soaked the plants in neem the other night, which seems to have controlled the critters.

But: the picture is of the plants that are the worst off. They're only about a foot high and most of the leaves are chewed off. Do you think it could bounce back? Or should it go gentle into that goodnight?

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jadie88(7 MD)

Man, tough run so far! Hopefully things will ease up for ya.

I think your choice depends a lot on how much garden space you have. Full sun patches are dwindling in my backyard, so I only invite the most promising-looking transplants to move in.

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