What is wrong??

seymourgolf(Indiana)May 29, 2007

I have 12 containers with 2 plants in each container. I am using Al's Mix with lime, fertilizer and epsom salts added

Transplanted 2 weeks ago. Used Daconil 1st week.

11 of the containers are doing fine.

One container containing an Earl of Edgecombe and Stump of the World dont look so good. The leaves are a pale green and dont show much/any new growth compared to the other plants.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and what the fix is? I dont know if it is a disease, transplant shock, ingredients didnt get mixed well in this container, etc.

Would hitting them with Neptune's Harvest Fish and Seaweed help?

Image link:

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sillyrib(z5 IL)

Looks like either overwatering or salt poisoning. What was the reason for adding so many supplements? People do too much to there plants. The mix would have been enough. Only add additives when the plants needs it. Also, what size are the containers? Unless they are large over 12 gallons, one plant per container is usually recommended. with lime, fertilzer, epsom salts, you may get large plants with no fruit but this will be counteracted by the 2 plants edging each out for room.

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My potting mix is pine bark fines, spaghnum peat and perlite.
The added ingredients are part of the mix recipe not extra additions, sorry for the misunderstanding.

My containers are 18 gal totes.

I think they look overwtered too. But, I think all the containers receive about the same amount. It has me puzzled.

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